There is hundreds of articles about BMW 507 Elvis used to drive when was on duty in Europe.

Long story short:
The car disappeared after Elvis got back to US and nobody was sure if the car came back with him. Until 2014 when Bimmer mag brought a story about gentleman called Jack Castor. Jack was gathering information about the old red BMW 507 he had bought decades ago and left it in his garage. It is fascinating how he traced down the complete history of the car. On top, he spent many years collecting missing parts for the car, just to be able to restore to its original beauty.


Read original Bimmer mag story:


If it is not enough, get popcorn and watch 42 minutes video capturing restoration of the most famous 507:


And watch also my favourite piece – an interview with Jack Castor.
I don’t dare to find right words describing him. Just watch the video and feel how he was. Yes, sadly, Jack Castor died recently and he never managed to lay his eyes on fully restored BMW 507. Jack Castor is my man and my next diodrama will be tribute to his grace and fondness.