Scale modellers’ dream.
Because there is everything you ever wanted:

1. Great car.
2. Even greater building in the background.
3. Great deal of scratch building.
4. Inspiriting patina. You name it: rust, moss, old bricks…
5. Wire ropes.
6. Nice windows.
7. Flower.
8. Vivid color scheme.


And watch this, here is another boy.
Dodge WC52 converted into a towing car by some geniune mind.
It looks like he used some old Peugeot wreck to make nice warm cabin.


When I first saw the pick, I jump to my computer and googled for some available scale model.
I decided for AFV 1/35 to be combined with a resin Peugeot I was looking for 5(!) hours. Yes, no old Peugeot in 1/35 scale. But finally I found some guy in Spain, he is about to get his master into production soon. I already pre-ordered one kit from him. Should be delivered in February. So you can look forward my next diodrama. I will keep you posted.