When I saw this picture for the first time, a memory of famous VW beetle ad came to my mind.
Right at the moment I knew this will be my next diorama with a 1/24 VW Beetle I kept on the shelf for few years.

We can only guess the story of this car.
Plates and snow chains suggest that the snow plow still might be on duty.
Maybe it doesn’t look so at first glance, but I bet that the driver takes care of his Beetle.
We can see both hubcaps, front one is newer and was probably changed when the old one got lost.

Missing right windshield wiper whispers that the driver is a lonely wolf. Sealed passenger door and tens of rivets along the edge of the door gives the Beetle a bit of sharp military attitude. Rear lights, reflectors and blinkers seem to be in good shape. My guess is that driver doesn’t keep this beast on his driveway only. Scratches and dents on fenders makes Beetle only more attractive. Blossoming rust shows the age, but cannot overshadow the vivid temperament of the still firm body. Imagine George Clooney with 4 wheels.

Now the greatest part. The claw. Sorry. The plow.
I spent hours studying how it is constructed and how it operates.
Stabilising arm doesn’t show marks of weariness, chain is tensed, springs complete.
Plow fixed in upper position suggests it is ready to move any time.
Yellow plank precisely mounted on the bottom part of pow shows that driver knows his job.

Light rain gives the overall image great atmosphere.
Beetles’ body is glistening like a skin of bodybuilders on the stage.
The car is standing still and proud.

There is last detail occupying my mind. You see that sticker on right window?
I would like to see better what is it saying.