I described building the neon sign here.
Now is the time to get CALINO sign some spirit.

1. I found the sign a bit boring, so I decided to fit some thin copper wires leading from every single letter down to electric box. Than I applied grey AK primer. (I painted all the letters white separately.)



2. I painted letters with AK rust primer, applied a coat of scratches effect and covered with dark red. Intentionally I covered some letters with very thin layer, even transparent, some letters I granted with a lot of red. I wanted to create vivid effect. I selected two spots  that I highlighted with a blow of white color that added whole sign some pale effect. Well, water-brush-toothpick game was on.



3. I painted the skeleton dark grey and added some shades of blue. As top edges of skeleton are stroked by sun beams every day for ages, to achieve that pale look I decided to highlight them with a thin layer of white color.