Another of my little projects I enjoyed so much for my VW Beetle snow plow diorama.

1. I googled as many street lamps as possible. Looking for right inspiration takes some time. In this case I ended up with:

2. Ugly drawing of mine is core part of the whole process. I combine elements I see with some made up components. For the skeleton I used a set of brass tubes I bought few years ago. Proper bending of the upper tube was a real challenge and I got it done on second time. First time I worked too fast and got it saggy. Second time I was more patient and worked with K&S tubing bender more carefully.



2. To fit the bench I built for the VW beetle snow plow diorama I decide to create same ornaments. That little detail gave the whole diorama needed touch of consistency. Old street lamps were full of nice little detailing and so I took some time for it. I rolled super-thin rods from Sylmasta Green stuff and wrapped it around the skeleton. I added also various miniature plastic parts I found in pens or any old garbage I keep for such purpose.

3. Once I primed the lamp with grey AK all the lines got unified. I ended the whole building process with a quick composition test right on the base. At the same time I checked, if all the wires were left intact. Once the bulb got lit I was happy to go to sleep.