If you want to make your life a bit more difficult, try to build diorama with 1/24 figures. Well, as there is not many of them available, you need to be really creative.

Rule #1: If you see ANY nice 1/24 figure at a show, online shop, anywhere – just buy it. This way I created my own collection of figures:

+ bunch of some german made „B-Klasse“ resin figures with not really pretty faces.

For my Winter is coming diodrama I chose a man leaning over a car engine from FUJIMI Garage &Tools set. The only problem was, how to fit his short sleeve shirt into cold winter weather. A friend of mine came to visit me that time and boasted something about how easy it is to remake a figure. You guess right: I forced him to prove. And probably it was so easy for him, as after 2 days he sent me few pictures with my guy lovely re-dressed for my diodrama.