There are things you HAVE TO  scratch build as a modeller.
A park bench is one of them undoubtedly.
I used it for my VW Beetle snow plow diodrama.


1. I usually start with sketching the idea to millimetre paper. It helps to put the right shapes into wished scale and dimensions faster.



2. I combined thick plastic sheets and thick copper wire I found around my shelves. The tricky part is to make bend wire for sides of the bench in the same shape. Usually it never goes with first try, as you need to find the best way how to work to achieve desired curly effect.

3. I was too lazy to airbrush the skeleton, so I just used brush to apply primers. First the grey one, followed with rusty, once it dried perfectly.

4. I decided that the bench will be grass green. To make heavy chips and cracks I used two heavy layers of chipping fluid. After I glued thin stripes of balsa, the bench started to get the real shapes.

5. To achieve aged look I used multiple filters and washes. As a finest detail I used steel rivets to reproduce bolts with round flat heads. This part of work was the  most fiddly.



Btw, this is a mood picture I used as a template for bending copper wires.