I was about to start snow effects for my VW Beetle Snowplow diorama.
I was planning to create an effect of freshly cleaned snow from the car.
With bulks of snow being left here and there, starting to melt due to warming interior.
I needed some inspiration so decided to google some images with Beetles in snowy countryside.
While clicking through hundreds of pictures, I hit right into this picture at one VW forum.
Instant love.

I like everything about this picture.
Atmosphere highlighted with imperfection of some blur.
Hardly visible, but still real snow drizzling.
Sky that looks like it cannot decide if it wants to be clear or gloomy.
Decent green car totally fitting the mood countryside,
perfectly framed in the middle of two strong trees.
Man holding the rope doesn’t look like being pulled.
Actually he looks like he is chasing the car.

At first look I cannot explain why I felt so calm and relaxed when looking on it.
Despite the gloomy weather and crazy activity.
It took me few minutes to notice the driver.
Watch how comfortably he sits.
His arm resting out of window wide open.
Like he is driving along the beach.