I feel bad when I don’t add any moving part to my scale models.
I spent pretty quality time fineting the engine with wires,
so the choice was clear: HOOD.


Let’s play:
1. I investigated real hood hinges to create best replica possible.


2. For such a delicate parts I always go with thin metal from candle cups. It is easy to bend. Before I do so, I roll over it with thick metal rod on hard surface to get superflat surface. As you can see below, I simplified it a bit. One tunnel would be too loose, so I decided to make 2 of them, hoding together with a thin metal rod.


3. Before I glued the hinge, I cut long U-shape into hood and sanded it gently. I had to bend hinge a bit to achieve effect of hinge leveling the top of hood. At the same time I had to make sure the hinge allows hood to close properly.



4. I had to sand down the bottom side of hood under the hinge to one half. I drilled two tiny holes in the corners for metal rod to be sticked into. Work with the thinnest drill you have and be careful not to drill across the hood. When all looks save, you can glue the hinge to hood. Be more careful than I was for the first time. I allowed a bit of glue to flow inside the hinge tunnel and you can imagine…