1. Black primer.

2. Few thin layers of Alclad steel just on the bottom of the bed.

3. Water and salt: I tried to put salt precisely in a way to copy the ribs placed beneath the bed. Notice that the bottom is deepend in between ribs, due to countless bumps and weight of various construction materials being carried over the last decades in this truck.

4. Rust primer. Some spots are highlighted here and there with brighter shadows.

5. Scraping off all the salt.

6. Masking the bottom of the bed. All the top blue color layer has been rubbed over the years, so even the spots of polished steel are coming through.

7. Water and salt placed on the bed sidewalls.

8. Blue color. To achieve weary color effect I blew some white to achieve the right shadows on higher levels.

9. Scraping off all the salt again.

10. Adding and fine-tuning scratches on the edges and corners. It take some time. I had to fix effect on the front shield running over the cabin. The scratches didn’t look real at all.

11. Final touch. Adding some tiny blue spots on the bottom of the bed to add more realistic look of last reminders of blue.

See the process of scratch building the open-box bed and final image gallery.