That was for the first time I was scratch building some vegetation parts to my scene:

1. I decided to create the pine tree. I like it more than fir because it seems to be richer in volume. As a basic element I chose long moss I left to dry on the shelf for more than half a year. 


2. I remembered that I saw an old stick thrown outside near the garbage. Once it was proper happy Christmas tree. It was enough for me to study in what order branches comes out of tree trunk.


3. I combined longer and shorter, thicker and thinner moss and glued it together with Pattex wood glue. Once the branch was ready, I drilled the hole into base and sticked the branch in tree trunk. I proceeded patiently until I was happy with the result. Last empty spaces I filled in some branches sticked into trunk in a random manner.



4. I tried to wrap it with a piece of thread just to see if the result will be satisfying. For the final fine-tuning I used thinner threat.