You all know must have known that feeling:
You build your diorama around car model you carefully chose.
Out of blue you come across a picture where your car plays even greater role.
Bizarre. Funny. Amusing.

But you just can’t stop building what you are up to.
And you can’t start building another diorama with the same car.
Because there are another 35 other model cars waiting on the shelf, unboxed,
to be placed into some other diorama. You don’t have that time privilege to build 2 different dioramas with the same car.

Well, I was in that kind of situation when I saw this picture.
And that moment diodrama idea came.
Idea to create a place for every scale modeller allowing to share unfulfilled diorama ideas.

You are all welcome to join me.


I started with paper models as a kid.
Never made it to plastic kits seriously back then, because it was too expensive.
I remember I bought one model secretly. It was Viking ship.
But I never got to finish it.
I was thrown out of window with all the smelly thinners, glues and emails.
Family decides for you sometimes.

As it happens, I got back to my hobby few years ago.
When I turned 30 actually.
And yeah, I invested a lot in it.
New compressor. Actually my first compressor.
Fancy Fengda. 3 scalpels at once. I felt like Rockefeller.

Nobody can stop me to open cleaner anytime I want.
Nobody can stop me not to buy another model I won’t be able to build.
Because I have more models than years left to live.

I promised myself not to build any tank or aircraft.
It was pretty easy as I do not carry any emotions to it.
I prefer playing with civil vehicles and building dioramas of simple yet strong idea.
Preferably not being created in my mind.
Preferably seen on streets. Or living in my memory.